Behind the lens.

Photo by E.M. Selby Photography

Photo by E.M. Selby Photography

Hello friends, my name is Cathy. I’m a professional photographer based in Athens, GA and I specialize in portraiture, wedding, & event photography. Also, I’m a professional wanderer, and when I’m not capturing someone’s beauty, I’m probably photographing the sunset from your nearest parking deck rooftop.

I’ve been doing photography for over 8 years now. I got my start with the Athens Banner Herald via the Spotted Internship, and eventually have branched out into my own photography business. Starting this fall, I will be the Redcoat Marching Band Staff photographer, and capture the finest band in the land Between The Hedges in Sanford Stadium and around the country. Finally, I am the Social Media Director of @my_athens, and capture my favorite parts of The Classic City for the brand's Instagram. 

Other than practicing photography, I am training for the World Marathon Majors & love running. My last race was the 2017 New York City Marathon, am currently training for the 2019 London Marathon, and working on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I love bringing my camera abroad and capturing life around the world in future marathons. When I'm not running around with my camera or around the world, I'm at home with my little bird, Cheek, watching Netflix and eating Sour Patch Kids.

My favorite part about the art of photography is being able to capture people+places and representing them in beautiful light that I see them in. Also, I’ve loved meeting so many wonderful people through this art- that’s the best part.

Photography has humbled me in many ways, and helped me see the world more clearly.

I want to use this art to make people feel beautiful and help people see how magnificent the world is. 
Thank you for stopping by and learning about my story. Hopefully, I'll get to photograph yours someday.

Stay infinite.