I’m proud to share that in addition to my photography business, I am also the owner of Downtown Athens Georgia, LLC, a small social media marketing business, and the owner of @downtownathensga Instagram, an account with over 40,000+ amazing followers.

I bought this account from my friend Ancel in Summer 2018, and since then have gotten to become more immersed in the Downtown Athens scene by taking architectural photography of its beautiful buildings, along with collaborating with wonderful Athens business owners in helping advertise their businesses on my growing and active Downtown Athens platform.

In addition to @downtownathensga, I also own it’s sister Instagram account, @plateathens, an Athens food Instagram with over 19,000+ active followers. I also use this Instagram to help local restaurants, coffee shops, and bars advertise their business. Also, I use this account as an excuse to eat as much good Athens food as possible, as I am a huge foodie.

I made the choice to expand my photography business by purchasing these accounts to help local businesses grow their networks and markets with my photography and social media expertise. If you are a local business owner interested in working together to grow your market using these active accounts, email me at anytime. I am incredibly passionate about helping other local business owners in Athens succeed, as I love this town and all of it’s wonderful creative people very much.

Anyways, see you around Downtown! If you see a photographer dressed in all black possibly with a tiny parrot, that’s me. Say hello, please! -c.


Visit the Downtown Athens Print Shop here, the rest is easy: Click me!

Print Shop opening late October 2019